Bosch GPL5 Review – 5-Point Laser Level

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Bosch GPL5 Laser LevelIf you are like carrying out DIY projects or own a workshop, a laser level is one tool that won’t lack in your toolkit. It is an incredible tool that employs high-end leveling technology. There are several tools out there in the market that can do a pretty good laser leveling job but the Bosch GPL5 deserves credit. It is an honorable mention from one of the most renowned tool producers. Featuring quad mirror technology, this compact tool has much to offer to its users. The Bosch GPL5 is the ultimate tool that any professional or DIY worker will opt for when carrying out plumb up and down, level, square alignment application. If you want high levels of accuracy and convenience in your home remodeling, fixture installations and other uses on the work site, grab the Bosch GPL5 that has an innovative design to elevate user-comfort. It is built to last and offer top-notch performance in any project that comes along its way.

Bosch GPL5 Features and Benefits

Pocket Sized Lever Unit

This brand comes in a lightweight compact design only measuring 4 1/8 inch. You can even fit it on your tool belt. You can always move around with this enviable GPL5 laser level without any inconvenience.

Easy Field Calibration

This feature is incredible and helps prevent downtime and maintain top-notch accuracy. The ease with which workers are able to calibrate different workpieces makes the GPL5 review both a top and smart performer.

Pendulum Self-leveling System

The pendulum leveling technology used in the Bosch GPL5 helps in self-leveling. In addition, the brand indicates the out-of-level condition when the gadget is in use. The gadget has a locking mechanism that switches off the laser level when not in use.

Quad Mirror Technology

Featuring the cutting edge quad technology, the GPL5 conveniently delivers 5-point laser beams for alignment and leveling applications such as plumb up and plumb down, square and level application. Even for novice workers, this feature helps them position the beam and transfer points for easy alignment and work from different angles.

Bosch GPL5 in work

Multi-purpose attachment

The 5-point laser level comes with attachments that can be used with ? inch-20 or 5/8 inch-11 magnets, straps and threaded mounts. This feature allows the user to mount the gadget in various ways to enhance versatility.

5 Point Laser Alignment

This is the key feature that makes construction workers and DIYers love using this laser level alignment tool. It makes things pretty easy. Up and down leveling, front, side, and square point functions become easy to level and align.

Integrated Reference Lines

The reference lines enable users to have exact positioning of the tool and efficient transfer of points.

Easy To Access Battery Compartment

It is easy to access and remove the batteries of the GPL5. The compartment is located on the top part. Since the Bosch GPL5 is powered by three AA batteries you can carry it around and use it anywhere.


The Bosch GPL5 is not necessarily one of the most accurate models we have in the market but is it pretty precise to meet your leveling needs. Features such as the integrated lines and the easy field calibrations make this model accurate in any task.

Pros and Cons


  • The GPL5 is from one of the top renowned producer of tools – Bosch. Its quality and accuracy are reliable
  • The model is pocket-sized and thus convenient to carry around
  • It is battery powered and therefore, can be used anywhere
  • The Bosch GPL5 laser level is accurate enough to meet the needs of any professional or DIY worker
  • The model is lightweight, compact and adaptable to any user
  • It is available at a budget-friendly price
  • Uses the quad mirror technology that delivers an amazing five-point laser beam functionality


  • The glasses used on the laser are fragile. You have to handle it with care to avoid breakage
  • The Bosch GPL5 lacks 360 degrees coverage capability. Some tasks will require a rotary laser level
  • The beam of this device isn’t bright enough, especially in bright light. If you use it in outdoor worksites you may face some difficulties. This also affects accuracy

Usage and Maintenance Bosch GPL5 review

To increase the lifespan and maintain the optimal performance of the Bosch GPL5 review consider the following.

  • Store and transport the laser in the supplied protective case
  • Do not immerse the tool in water or any other liquid
  • Make it a habit to clean the surfaces at the exit opening of the gadget and keep it clean always
  • If it happens that the tool fails, ensure that the repair is carried out by the authorized Bosch technician
  • Remove the batteries from the GPL5 when you are not using it. The batteries can corrode and discharge themselves.
  • Do not use this tool when you are under the influence of alcohol or feel tired. This may result in serious injury.
  • Do not make a mistake of using the laser glasses as safety goggles. This is because the laser glasses do not offer protection against laser radiation.

The GPL5 is a versatile laser level tool that has much to offer. It projects plumb and horizontal points. It can also be used for accurate transfer and alignment of plumb, level, graded and 90-degree points. For greater accuracy always use the center of the laser point for marking. Also, note the influence that temperature has on the accuracy of this tool. Temperature differences resulting from the ground can cause diversion of the laser beam. It is also important that you check the accuracy of the tool before beginning work. Failure to do so may render your work unreliable.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

The Bosch GPL5 is a lightweight and compact tool that is packed with incredible features. Based on its price, it is a great purchase for a great value. Featuring the quad mirror technology, self-leveling system, and easy field calibration just to mention a few, this model is one great choice that any professional or DIY worker will rely on. It is not that it is the best laser level gadget you can find but it is a performer from the popular Bosch manufacturers. I highly recommend it to anyone carrying out small projects. It is worth giving a try.

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