Best Rotary Laser Level Reviews 2020

Rotary laser levelRotary laser levels provide 360 degree reference level and are used in many applications, which require precision and accuracy. Its importance extends to the leveling and aligning of commercial and residential structures, both within the interior and exterior of the property. Their function is essential for ensuring the quality of installation and trimming, and contributes to the longevity of structures and units because they have been leveled and aligned properly.

Rotary Laser Level Applications

Some common applications of rotary laser levels are: 

  • Site grading
  • Foundation for building
  • Trim work
  • Pouring concrete
  • Installing fences
  • Underground utility work
  • Slabs.

Interior Applications For Rotary Laser Levels

A rotary laser level can be used to:

  • Install a chair rail around a room: A chair rail should be in level and in the same height from the floor on all four sides of the room. For this job to be done right, a rotary laser level should be placed in the center of the room on a tripod. When the level is turned, a beam of light circles the room at the same height. The tripod can be adjusted to get the exact height needed for the chair rail. The laser beam of light circles the room continuously and helps to install the rail perfectly.
  • Install kitchen cabinets: The multiple counter-top cabinets and top-cabinets should be level around the room.
  • Level a floor
  • Level drop-ceilings
  • Framing a room
  • Install receptacles for power
  • Install sewer pipe
  • Align and plumb the walls
  • Check door and window heights
  • Home wainscoting.

Outdoor Applications

In the outdoors they are used for:

  • All types of basic surveys
  • Site layout
  • Masonry alignment
  • Checking land elevation
  • Align fences, posts and decks
  • Setting grade for proper drainage and irrigation
  • Contour farming or drainage
  • Grade establishment.

Best Rotary Laser Levels In Market

Johnson Level and Tool 40-6516

Johnson Level and Tool 40-6516

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This laser is self-leveling in the horizontal plane and manual-leveling in the vertical plane. The indoor visible range is 200ft and outdoor range is up to 800ft.

PLS Laser PLS-60583 PLS HVR 505R Kit

PLS Laser PLS-60583 PLS HVR 505R

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This laser level is ideal for external and general construction applications. The battery provides up to 20 hours of life and recharges in 7 hours.

CST/Berger RL25HCK

CST/berger RL25HCK

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This is a solid choice for exterior use and is also cheaper. It features a self-leveling design and single axis slope control. The batteries provide 85 hours of runtime.

Short Reviews Of Next Laser Levels

Bosch GRL400H

Bosch GRL400H Rotary Laser Level

Bosch is a worldwide leader in measurement technology, and their tools are of high quality and durability. The Bosch GRL400H is solid and well-built, has rubber handles and glass windows that do not let dust and moisture to affect the laser. It features a vibration sensor, which helps determine whether the level has to be releveled. The laser’s 1200ft range makes it an excellent solution for outdoor and indoor use. This level works flawlessly. It is accurate, compact, lightweight and reliable. The provided clamp helps to mount it on a pole or stick quickly and easily. This great piece is well worth the money. It can be best used at home, and for commercial and minor projects. The innovation and advancement of engineering in this tool has resulted in making more lucrative yet productive and accurate results.

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Dewalt DW089LR

Dewalt DW089LR Rotary Laser Level

The robust looking Dewalt DW089LR is compact and extremely accurate. It is used for projecting bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines. The red laser in this tool is far brighter, more powerful and more easily visible in the outdoors. It is very versatile and useful indoors also. The 360 degree line lasers help in full room layout. Its ability to square up layouts helps the user to transfer a layout from the floor to the ceiling squaring up his grid lines for ceilings. The integrated magnetic bracket lets in for flush attachment to metal and steel tracks. The included charger is compatible with 20V batteries; so, there is no need to pay for batteries anymore. This laser is highly useful for ceiling installation, framing layouts, and for general vertical and horizontal applications.

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Leica R620

Leica R620 Rotary Laser Level

This rotary laser level is a top alternative that a buyer can take into account. It is a simple and reliable unit and the built-in 12 cm detection window helps detect the beam over the entire distance. This is a pretty great product for the value.

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Topcon RL-H4C

Topcon RL-H4C

This device is meant for long distance measurements across the site. The transmitter sends a self-leveled 360 degree laser reference continuously over the workplace. With the high speed self-leveling option, the user has to just turn it on and in seconds he can start working. It is very easy to use right out of the box and it also offers a manual slope functioning. Topcon RL-H4C was made to go through tough use; so, it is a good level for professionals in the construction field, agricultural leveling and manual slope jobs.

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Spectra HV101

Spectra HV101 Rotary Laser Level

This automatic, self-leveling rotary laser is a professional tool that comes with an economical price tag. The Spectra HV101 rotary laser level handles a variety of horizontal, vertical and plumbing applications. The one-touch button makes it easy to carry out many functions with this rotary laser level kit. It is really a joy to work with the accurate lines made with this level. It can be used by builders and carpenters, and for all construction purposes.

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Rotary laser levels are applied in construction, landscaping and home projects. With the broad range of applications, these levels have become a necessary investment for tradesmen, service providers, DIYers and homemakers. Using a rotary laser level turns a two-person job into one-person job and also makes the job go a lot faster.